MU Now Integrated (continued)

Greetings blog fans. Last time we left I unsung unhero he was in the process of investigating a multiple user system that is integrated into WordPress 3.x despite the advice eluded to by the one who actually put him over the edge in believing he could monetize his blog.

Since that last short exchange with him I’ve found a couple of articles which have given me some hope. In particular this article offers some advice about developing plugins for the MU version of WordPress and refers to a time in the future (a time which has come already with version 3.x) where MU would be merged into mainstream WordPress. I also looked over this blog (and a few others) where I was wrapped in a little more comfort knowing there are people out there managing ‘hundreds’ of blogs using one MU installation.

I still proceed with caution however because, like I had mentioned in a previous post, I have learned to respect RT’s way of doing things. But I also know since he’s a bit short of time (and I’m not paying him for his expertise) that there is only so much of the “in depth” that I can get from him. And then there is also the possibility due to a shortness of time that he hasn’t had a chance to do an in depth look into this MU stuff.


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