Adware and Malware Blocking Tip

Are you a windows use? … Well then you’ll want to pay attention to this.

There are a lot of adware and malicious programs that are out there which the average windows user just doesn’t have the time to learn about. And although lots of tech people are always telling you ways of conducting yourself on the Internet that will save you grief, I’m sure you’ve admitted to yourself that you just don’t have the time to think about all of this.

Ok, so here is the answer that you don’t have to do but one time and it gives you a layer of protection you don’t have to think about. Best of all it costs you nothing because it’s built into windows.

Click here, to download a host file to replace your current one. However if you don’t know what a host file is and need some more help, just make a comment on this article and I’ll talk you through it in a way that will help you and other readers as well. There is also a link here that is probably a LOT more detailed than most people want to get through; but useful if you can get through it.

Well, I haven’t tried this on Linux yet but then again I haven’t had any need to. I have a windows computer on our little network at home so it crossed my mind to block a few unwanted things that might come in on that computer. And on an additional tip, you ‘can’ use this with Mac (if needed).


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