Editing Video on YouTube

There are always cool new things on the Internet. Some would say there are TOO many cool new things on the Internet. There never seems to be a shortage of them. You can check out CNET, YouTube, StumbleUpon, a thousand Tech Blogs, and if you still run out of something to do you could Google your way into a fit of sleep deprivation and have your mother knocking on your door at 7am telling you if you don’t get up you’ll be late for the board meeting.

Alrighty so what have I found this week?

YouTube is growing up! Not that it hasn’t grown up several dozen times before, but it’s growing up again. There are so many things and ways to do things on YouTube that I hear there’s a new YouTube associate degree being offered at your local community college.

Now you don’t have to a professional to come out with cool professional looking videos and put them up on your YouTube channel. You do have a YouTube channel don’t you? Where have you been?

So what you do is go to your handy dandy YouTube.com website that we’ve all known and loved for many years now, logging in, putting in your credentials, and then you get to this dropdown menu on the upper right hand side. You click and like java magic the first three inches of this page are filled up with your playlists and about six other options on the right hand side which will of course change next time YouTube decides that you know too much and you must be bored so HEY let’s move something.

Ok so you have; Channel, Videos, Subscriptions, Inbox, and Settings on this right hand side and we want to go for “Videos”. And Wow check this out we’ve got all your uploaded videos filling up the page and about an inch from the top here you have; My Videos & Playlists, My Channel, Video Editor, Create Videos, Subscriptions, Insight, … ok forget about the rest of it we want to go for the third one here which is “Create Videos”.

We click on the “Create Videos” link and we get HERE! Wow what’s all this new stuff. We’ve got Stupeflix Video Maker
Tell a story with your digital content. Mix pictures, videos, maps, text, music and watch Stupeflix produce a stunning video in blah blah blah.

Next we have Xtranormal Movie Maker. Xtranormal lets you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Set up your scene, type in your script, and animate it instantly.

Only two more to go here.

GoAnimate ‘says’ it is a fun app that lets you make animated videos, for free, in just 10 minutes, without having to draw. And then lastly we have One True Media (these aren’t my words ha ha) but it goes on to say that it’s a simple powerful video creation thingy. Robust, fast and easy video editing. Combine and clip video and photos.

Although I have a lot of fun making fun of all this stuff I find on the Internet you can really do a lot of cool stuff with these things. So get in here, make a mess, make a few pieces of artwork, laugh, make fun of your family and friends, upload it to YouTube, plug it into LCD projector and show it at your next party.


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